About The Assam Computers


“Great dreams of a great dreamers are always transcended.”
– Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Former President, Govt. Of India

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and to follow through on our promises. We strive to provide you with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. We promise to deliver individualised solutions to all our client's printing needs and add value to our clients' businesses. The Assam Computers’ staff are focused on providing great service and forming lasting relationships with our clients. We will be judged not only by our words but by our actions. Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


The Assam Computers Group endeavours to become recognised as the benchmark of outstanding service, not just in the printing industry but across all the related industries.

The values that are fundamental to our company's success are:

Our People: Our team is our strength and a vital ingredient to everything that we achieve. We value expertise, skill and knowledge in each person's chosen area. Passion, enthusiasm and ambition, personal integrity, honesty, sincerity and above all commitment is what we look for in our people. We strive to provide an environment that attracts highly qualified employees and offers the satisfaction of working in a challenging and successful position.

Service: We are totally committed to working with our clients and focusing on finding an individual solution to their unique business requirements. We are always prepared to respond quickly to whatever task is required of us and deliver an exceptional customer service. We strive to provide services of superior quality, and service delivery - all within budget.

Our Clients. The secret to our success is in earning the right to sustain successful long-term relationships with our clients. We believe in treating all clients as we wish to be treated – our integrity is never to be compromised. Our objective is to achieve a well-deserved reputation where our clients will recommend and refer others to us – this is a privilege and an ultimate reward in our endeavour for excellence.

Social, Community and Environmental Responsibility: We have a social conscience as a business and also as individuals. We place a large emphasis on social responsibility and justice. As such we endeavour to seek out and support various causes every year, determined by the senior management team. We ask our team members to become actively involved. We look for opportunities to support the community and to make a difference – even if it is only in a small way. We are also aware of our environmental impact and we're constantly looking for new sustainable business practices that minimise our environmental footprint.

Print is a standout communication tool that is tangible, engages multiple senses and is something that you can hold, feel and even smell. A high-quality piece of print has an authority, it carries a sense of prestige and is overall an eye catching medium. It provides and amazing range of opportunities for your business to create beautiful, multi-sensory pieces of work that simply cannot be replicated in any other way.

Team Members


1] Mr. Rajarshi Gogoi - Founder
2] Mrs. Anjali Gogoi - Co-Founder


1] Dr. Budhin Gogoi - Educationist
2] Sjt. Plaban Phukan - Social worker
3] Sjt. Jibonta Borgohain - Former DGM, Digboi Refinery, IOCL (AOD)
4] Dr. Deborshee Gogoi - Educationist


1] Sjt. Ramesh Kumar Agarwal - Chartered Accountant, Ramesh Krishanu and Associates

Proof Reader

1] Sjt. Dulal Mahanta - Senior person


1] Sjt. Montu Sahu - Outdoor boy
2] Sjt. Amal Kalita - Auto Driver

Media Marketing

1] Sjt. Pritom Borgohain - Media Marketing

OPERATION (Pre-Press Division)

1] Sjt. Bhupen Gogoi - Senior DTP Operator (Head)
2] Sjt. Birinchi Moran - In charge
3] Sjt. Jyoti Gogoi - Senior Graphic Designer
4] Sjt. Simanta Chetia - Senior Graphic Designer
5] Sjt. Chandan Mahato - Senior graphic Designer
6] Smt. Himadri Sonowal - D.T.P. & Layout Designer
7] Smt. Babita Rajbanshi - D.T.P. & Layout Designer
8] Sjt. Ujjal Das - D.T.P. & Layout Designer
9] Sjt. Deepjyoti Gogoi - Line compositor
10] Sjt. Pankaj Gogoi - Line compositor

OPERATION (Press Division)

1] Sjt. Ganesh Ch. Dey - Manager, Factory
2] Sjt. Binoy Srivastab - Senior Machine man (In charge)
3] Sjt. Pranjal Sahu - Senior Machine man
4] Sjt. Lakhiram Mura - Senior Machine Helper
5] Sjt. Pradum Joria - Machine Helper
6] Sjt. Bijoy Srivastab - Senior Machine man

OPERATION (Post-Press Division)

1] Sjt. Bhugen Kakoty - Senior person
2] Sjt. Pollu Chowtal - Senior Binder
3] Sjt. Rajesh Malla - Senior Binder
4] Sjt. Bijon Joria - Helper
5] Sjt. Arjun Joria - Helper
6] Sjt. Simanta Dohutia - Helper
7] Sjt. Vishal Joria - Helper
8] Sjt. Lobon Boruah - Post Press Machine Operator