News and Events

-> The Assam Computers observes 26th January Independence day and 15th August Republic day every year by flag hosting at factory premise and distributing foods among needy people.

-> The Assam Computers observes 5th June as a World Environment Day every year by planting tree in nearby areas.

-> The Assam Computers organizing various motivational program among employees and career related programs among school students by inviting special guest in every 2 years.

-> In The Assam Computers, employees are working as a team in a friendly environment. Every year, the press has celebrated every birthday of employees.

-> Mr. Rajarshi Gogoi participated on behalf of The Assam Computers in Advantage Assam Global Investors’ Summit organized by Govt. Of Assam from February 3 & 4, 2018.

-> Bharat Yuva Shakti Trust (Business Youth Starting Together) an international non profit organization of Royal Highness Prince Charles, England who is working for the development of the industrial sector by organising seminar and awareness camp in rural areas in India since 2010. Mr. Rajarshi Gogoi got an opportunity to serve as a field cluster officer for BYST and he organised many awareness camp among youths in rural areas of Tinsukia district for the development of industrialisation from 2014 to 2017.

-> All India Radio, Dibrugarh interviewed Mr. Rajarshi Gogoi for his entrepreneurial journey which was aired in “Yuva Bani” on 27 January, 2018.

-> Success story was published about Mr. Rajarshi Gogoi of entrepreneurial journey on Souvenir of Nomami Brahmaputra Festival organised by Govt. Of Assam on April 3, 2017.