Our 360 degree programme

*Proofs and Mock-up dummies : In The Assam Computers, best person have been appointed as a proof reader who verifies the mistakes and ensures 95% error free. A laser proof should be provided along with the original files, so that the clients know what is on the desk. In case of any difference in the files on the desk, this will help in identifying mistakes before printing. All the instructions should be indicated clearly on the mock-up dummy, including post-printing operations required. For jobs with special bindery requirements too, having even a rough proof provides much clarity on what the clients requires.

*Order Booking : The press recommend to their clients to give a call over phone, email, written order along with job details. The sales executive will contact with the clients immediately. Those client who prepare jobs by his own using Photoshop, Word or Coreldraw at first, save the file in TIFF format and convert into PDF or JPEG in high resolution. But the press recommend the clients to convert the file into PDF to avoid colour depreciation and this format is also more convenient & easy to upload and download via mail. If the job file is .more than 25 MB in PDF or JPEG format, it is the best way to compress all files with WINZIP. There are many file reducing softwares are available in internet. But if technology is not yours thing and you still prefer to do things the old way, you have the option of mailing us your job CD/DVD/PENDRIVE via Post or Courier.

*Delivery Schedule : The client should co-operate at all time with regards to delivery schedules. It is recommended that the client remain in touch with the management to know the time require for the delivery. The last minute rushes can lead to potential mistakes and tensions, which can be avoided. Especially, when there are changes or corrections at the proofing stages, the client should allow enough time. Sending revised files for sample corrections should be avoided.

*Transportation : The delivery system ensures hassle free deliver to clients premises through the press in-house delivery van at a minimum charge covering 50 k.m. distance area.

Power Backup and Safety measures : The press is equipped with 15KV and 100 KV silent DG set for power backup which ensures timely delivery to clients. The press has adopted new safety measures installing more fire extinguishers and separate water pipe solution to avoid any fire related problems.